Marketing and Communications

In addition to the audience engagement and other resources that you’ll find on this page, the League offers a constituency group for marketing professionals in orchestras in Groups 1-2 and another for professionals in Groups 3-8. These groups meet at the National Conference and throughout the year. They also have dedicated online discussion forums, one for professionals in Groups 1-2 and the other for professionals in Groups 3-8. If you are a marketing professional with a League member orchestra, make sure you have access to your constituency group and the online discussions by contacting member@americanorchestras.org and ensuring that you are listed in our database.

Marketing & Communications

Research from The Wallace Foundation

The Wallace Foundation supports audience-building efforts by arts organizations and commissions research to understand what works, what doesn’t, and why.
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Audience Engagement

Videos and Webinars

Banner: The Oakland Symphony performs at the Paramount Theatre. Photo courtesy of Oakland Symphony.

Audience Engagement Section: Dallas Symphony, a musician’s view. Photo: Sylvia Elzafon

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