Artistic Planning

Artistic planning is central to the viability and relevancy of orchestras. Many of the League of American Orchestras’ learning events—such as our webinars and our National Conference—integrate artistic planning concerns into the presentations, so be sure to check those out.

On this page, you’ll find several resources. Don’t miss the link to the databases of underrepresented composers—an important planning tool for orchestras in addressing equity, diversity, and inclusion.

The League also offers a constituency group for artistic administrators, which convenes during the National Conference and at other times. There is also an online discussion group for artistic administrators as part of our League360 platform.

Artistic Planning

Orchestra Repertoire Report

In 1970, the League of American Orchestras began to track member orchestras’ programming through its Orchestra Repertoire Report (ORR), in order to answer queries from grantmakers, journalists, musicologists, historians, and member orchestras.
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Banner: Saratoga Orchestra’s principal bassoonist, Chris Harshman, leaving the building after performing Michael Daugherty’s Dead Elvis. Photo: David Medley

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