NEW CONTENT COMING SOON - The League of American Orchestras' Noteboom Governance Center offers a comprehensive range of support, strategies, and programs designed to strengthen governance practice in orchestras, including regional seminars for board members and CEOs, board chair peer groups focusing on top-level governance and strategic challenges, peer exchange and learning sessions at the League’s national Conference, and online discussions and resources at League360 board member communities.

For an overview of the League and what services we provide, please refer to this League Brief for Trustees of Member Orchestras (PDF).

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Resource Center

The League of American Orchestras Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Resource Center is designed to provide practical and helpful insights, advice, and a path to greater diversity and inclusion in every part of your organization. You’ll find important readings, research, and a number of examples of leadership within and beyond our field.
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Additional Tools and Resources

Webinars and Videos

Please contact Member Relations at 646 822 4010 or member@americanorchestras.org with any questions or concerns.

The Noteboom Governance Center was created in recognition of former League Board Chair Lowell Noteboom, honoring his longstanding commitment to improving governance practice in American orchestras.

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