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The League of American Orchestras is your go-to source for insightful research and information on the orchestra field. We offer trustworthy tools for making knowledgeable decisions and dedicated resources on the various aspects of managing an orchestra.

Orchestras at a Glance and the Orchestra Statistical Report are just two of the research products that orchestras turn to for strategic and business planning.

Artistic Planning

Inclusive Stages

Supported by the Sakana Foundation, Inclusive Stages seeks to increase the racial diversity of musicians in American professional and community orchestras.
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OSR: Orchestra Statistical Report

League member orchestras that participate in the OSR survey will receive a detailed benchmarking report containing financial and operating data about peer orchestras and the opportunity to request custom analyses.
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Additional League Research and Reports

National Arts Data

Banner: Behind the scenes during filming of the San Francisco Symphony’s CURRENTS series, exploring the intersection between classical music and other musical cultures. Photo: Kim Huynh

National Arts Data Section: The Hartford Symphony Orchestra in traditional performance. Photo: courtesy of Hartford Symphony Orchestra.

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