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The League’s Business Partners comprise nearly 200 businesses that realize the economic and cultural importance of the orchestral field in our society.

These businesses support the League’s mission of advancing the experience of orchestral music and supporting the people and organizations that create it to positively impact the health and vibrancy of their communities. We encourage our members to engage with these organizations to help create a sustainable future for the field. From Acousticians and Artist Managers to Ticketing Software and Telemarketing firms, the League’s business partners can help your organization thrive!

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Business Partner Memberships

Acousticians, Architects, Artist Managers, Competitions, Consultants, Equipment Suppliers, Instrument Retailers, Libraries, Music Publishers, Performing Arts Centers, Production Companies, Program Notes Suppliers, Recording Companies, Software Consultants, Telemarketing Firms, Ticketing Systems, Transportation Coordinators, and other business partners benefit from Business Membership through the following programs and services.
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Banner: Vermont Symphony Orchestra’s Jukebox Quartet, which plays innovative, short-format concerts of diverse works. Photo: Luke Awtry

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