Executive Leadership and Management

The League of American Orchestras supports executive leaders and orchestra managers through all of its channels and publications, including but not limited to its webinars, National Conference, and Symphony magazine.

The League also offers constituency groups for executive directors of orchestras of different budget sizes. These meet at the National Conference and throughout the year. If you are an executive director of a member orchestra, contact Member Services at member@americanorchestras.org to make sure you are listed in our database so that you have access to these meetings and to our online discussion forums on League360.

On this page, you’ll find examples of some of the resources of interest to executives and managers, but be sure to visit various sections of the website–and to use the search function–to find more.

Executive Leadership & Management

Essentials of Orchestra Management

Essentials of Orchestra Management, the premier orchestra management course in the United States, returned to New York after nearly a decade! Presented in collaboration with Juilliard Extension on the Lincoln Center Campus July 26 – August 4, 2023.
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On-Demand Webinars

Symphony Magazine Articles

Banner: The Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Benjamin Zander, photographed in concert in November 2019. Photo: Perfect Bokeh Photography, Paul Marotta

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