Will the drive to diversify the repertory prove lasting? The dozens of interviews behind this report show that while many orchestras have only just begun to diversify their artistic programming, their efforts are already being rewarded. They are finding new artistic vitality in a broader repertory, and in surfacing neglected voices both old and new. They are beginning to connect in new and authentic ways with the communities they serve. And they are playing their part in the continued evolution of an art form that becomes more powerful and relevant to the future when it is shaped by many voices.

There is more work to be done, with mistakes to be made and lessons to be learned along the way. The League of American Orchestras’ webinars, Conference sessions, constituency meetings, and online resources can help. Stay in touch at www.americanorchestras.org. The future is there for the imagining.

“Every year should see some progress. People want to be challenged.”

Phillippa Cole, Senior Director, Artistic Planning, San Francisco Symphony

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