TRG COVID-19 Sector Benchmark

TRG COVID-19 Sector Benchmark

Orchestras in Recovery: Ticket Sales and Donation Trends, 2019-2021

The League has partnered with TRG Arts and Purple Seven to create Orchestras in Recovery: Ticket Sales and Donation Trends, 2019-2021, a new U.S. Orchestras Insight Report.

Orchestras in Recovery: Ticket Sales and Donation trends, 2019-2021 highlights data from 27, mostly larger-budget, U.S. orchestras participating in the COVID-19 International Sector Benchmark (The Benchmark), compared to the larger cohort of U.S. performing arts organizations participating in The Benchmark. The aim of the report is to compare ticket sales and donations from individual patrons for two specific time periods: November 2020-October 2021 and November 2018-October 2019. The report also compares results from calendar years 2019, 2020, and 2021. Download Orchestras in Recovery: Ticket Sales and Donation Trends, 2019-2021 via the TRG website.

This report is part of the League’s commitment to sharing data-driven analyses of the key issues shaping the work of orchestras today. Discover the latest findings from our audience data partnerships with Wolf Brown and Slover Linett on our Data Partnerships page.

About The Benchmark

The COVID-19 International Sector Benchmark was created by TRG Arts and Purple Seven to provide real-time intelligence and advice to the arts and cultural sector on the economic impact of COVID-19 on ticket sales and donations and how best to respond. This collaboration brings together Purple Seven’s experience integrating live sales feeds from hundreds of arts venues and TRG Arts’ consulting and data analysis expertise in achieving unsurpassed results for the arts and cultural sector.

Participate in The Benchmark

League member orchestras are encouraged to sign up for an easy-to-use international COVID-19 Sector Benchmark Dashboard. Participating orchestras establish an automated, continuous data feed between their box office system and Purple Seven’s secure servers, and in return receive access to a real-time dashboard analyzing their ticket sales and donations data.  Using this data, TRG Arts and Purple Seven regularly share anonymized, aggregated findings from The Benchmark with all League members.

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