Culture + Community in a Time of Transformation

A Research Opportunity for Rural Orchestras

Slover Linett, LaPlaca Cohen, and Yancey Consulting are expanding their Culture + Community national research initiative, opening the study to institutions who were underrepresented in the first phase of study, including organizations located in rural communities.

Culture + Community in a Time of Transformation is one of the largest surveys focused on arts and culture ever conducted, and participating organizations will receive detailed data about their own audiences, including an online tool for comparison of their attendees to the national averages.

The research explores audience wants, needs, attitudes, and behaviors during the pandemic and beyond. The findings also aim to provide the field with actionable insights towards becoming more equitable spaces. Orchestras will receive a unique survey link to send to their contact lists; the study also includes a national representative sample of the general public.

To participate, please fill out this online form by Friday, March 12. Explore the FAQ page for general questions, or contact Matthew Jenetopulos, researcher at Slover Linett Audience Research, with any questions not covered. The survey is free of charge.

More about Culture + Community

In 2020, Slover Linett and partners LaPlaca Cohen created Culture + Community in a Time of Crisis: A Special Edition of Culture Track, which aimed to help arts and cultural organizations of all kinds serve and support their communities during COVID-19. The first wave of the survey was fielded in April/May 2020 and involved both a national representative sample of the general public as well as people on the lists of 650+ arts and culture organizations. With 124,000 responses, this was one of the largest surveys of arts and culture attitudes ever conducted. An overall Key Findings document (PDF) was released through Culture Track in July, along with an interactive data-exploration tool developed in partnership with Microsoft. Each participating organization was provided access to their own respondents’ survey data. Most recently, a report was released that focused on race and ethnicity differences in the data titled “Centering the Picture.”

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