Slover Linett Research Studies

The League partners with Slover Linett to ensure that orchestras are represented in landmark arts and culture research studies.

Taking Another Listen: Classical Music Radio Research With People of Color

An important report issued by Slover Linett in partnership with the League, “Taking Another Listen: Audience Research With People of Color To Help Make Classical Music Radio More Welcoming,” offers new ways of viewing longstanding audience-diversity challenges in classical music, and suggests specific ways of presenting this music to make it more welcoming for audiences of color.

Culture + Community in a Time of Transformation

In November, 2021 Slover Linett, LaPlaca Cohen, and Yancey Consulting released findings from the second wave of their Culture + Community research collaboration. Culture + Community in a Time of Transformation shares data from a broader cultural frame, including organizations such as libraries and parks, and reflects a deeper involvement with smaller, rural, and BIPOC-serving organizations that had been underrepresented in the initial wave of research. The new edition explores audience wants, needs, attitudes, and behaviors during the pandemic and beyond, and aims to provide the field with actionable insights towards becoming more equitable, inclusive spaces.

More about Culture + Community

Slover Linett and partners LaPlaca Cohen created Culture + Community in a Time of Crisis: A Special Edition of Culture Track in 2020, intending to help arts and cultural organizations of all kinds serve and support their communities during COVID-19. The first wave of the survey was fielded in April/May 2020 and involved both a national representative sample of the general public as well as people on the lists of 650+ arts and culture organizations. With 124,000 responses, this was one of the largest surveys of arts and culture attitudes ever conducted. An overall Key Findings document (PDF) was released through Culture Track in July, 2020, along with an interactive data-exploration tool developed in partnership with Microsoft.

This research has also led to two additional reports: “Centering the Picture,” which expands on response patterns by race and ethnicity from the initial data; and “A place to be heard, a space to feel held: Black Perspectives on Creativity, Trustworthiness, Welcome and Well-Being,” a qualitative study offering insights from conversations with Black and African American adults around the U.S.

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