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The League partners with TRG Arts to provide automated, real-time ticket purchasing and donation data, as well as quarterly analyses of revenues and patron demographics.

Arts and Culture Benchmark

Arts and Culture Benchmark is a free service that brings you real-time audience and donor analytics, allowing you to track the impact of your audience diversification and growth initiatives, and to compare your progress with peers. It works via an automated connection between your own CRM and TRG’s system: there are no surveys to complete. Learn more and to sign up to be part of this exciting initiative.

Orchestras in Recovery: Ticket Sales and Donation Trends, 2019-2021

This report captures the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on orchestra audiences, highlighting data from 27, mostly larger-budget, U.S. orchestras that participated in the TRG-Arts Covid-19 International Sector Benchmark, between Spring 2020 and Fall 2021.

This report is part of the League’s commitment to sharing data-driven analyses of the key issues shaping the work of orchestras today. Discover the latest findings from our audience data partnerships on our Data Partnerships page.

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October 26, 2021

Returning to Performances with Live Audiences

TRG Arts discusses emerging best practices around building and retaining audiences during this rebound season in this 60-minute webinar weaving industry data insights with up-to-the-minute case study examples from Grant Park Music Festival, Peoria Symphony Orchestra, and Virginia Symphony Orchestra.
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