Music education

America’s adult and youth orchestras are committed to advocating for better music education in our nation’s schools.  Research has proven that arts education uniquely provides academic and social benefits, preparing students for success in school, work, and life.  The status of music education in our nation’s schools has short- and long-term consequences for both student achievement and the future of all our orchestras.  

The most effective music education advocacy takes place at the local level, where the majority of education policy is made.  The League provides numerous music education advocacy tools, including tips for orchestras, highlights from the most recent research, and news about national coalition efforts.  Also, find out about funding opportunities from the U.S. Department of Education and how to weigh in with Congress as it re-writes the No Child Left Behind Act.

Utilize Our Best Music Education Talking Points

"Enough" is Not Enough: Arts education is vital to a well-rounded education—and to the future of orchestras