Witnessing the dramatic changes seen through 2020 The Wallace Foundation commissioned AEA Consulting to create a scenario planning toolkit, seeking a way to help arts and culture organizations confront a “new normal” with few certainties.

The Wallace Foundation has released Navigating Uncertain Times: A Scenario-Planning Toolkit for the Arts and Culture Sector, developed by AEA Consulting and designed to help arts and culture organizations approach planning for a future marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, social justice movements, climate change, emerging technologies, and other unforeseen circumstances. The free toolkit is accompanied by a new report, Arts Organizations’ Early Response to COVID-19 Uncertainty: Insights from the Field, also commissioned by Wallace and developed by AEA Consulting. Reflecting the perspectives of more than 160 nonprofit arts leaders on the implications of COVID-19 for the sector, the report outlines strategies deployed to address these impacts and priorities identified by arts practitioners. Together the report and the scenario planning toolkit aim to extend arts groups’ planning horizon beyond the near term to ensure that organizations can anticipate future variables and position themselves for success and impact in the long term.

Read the Scenario-Planning Toolkit for the Arts and Culture Sector and the Arts Organizations’ Early Response to COVID-19 Uncertainty report. Both are available for free.

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