Speakers: Lilee Dethchan, Vice President of Finance and Administration, Handel and Haydn Society; James S. Hoyte, Chair, DEI Committee of Board of Governors, Handel and Haydn Society; Reginald Mobley, Programming Consultant, Handel and Haydn Society; Kate Prescott, President, Prescott Associates; and David Snead, President and CEO, Handel and Haydn Society

A cornerstone of the Handel and Haydn Society’s brand strategy is being more relevant to more people. When research indicated that 20% of the local market for classical music self-identified as BIPOC while the same was true for only 11% of their patron base, H+H had questions. What failed to attract more BIPOC audiences to the classical concert experiences it offered? And how could it become more inclusive and relevant to diverse communities?

H+H then committed the time and resources to an organization-wide effort involving extensive research, internal assessment, and long-term planning with the help of outside expertise and active board participation. In our time together, we’ll connect the dots from data and research to actionable strategies and tactics, exploring how H+H listened deeply and developed a DEI Implementation Plan with specific actions, success metrics, timelines, and budgets in order to attract, welcome, and engage a more diverse audience for classical music.

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This session is made possible by a generous grant from The Wallace Foundation. Additional support is provided by the Mellon Foundation.

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