Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Artistic Resources

Orchestras often act as gatekeepers in terms of  who gets to perform music, who gets to hear music, and whose music is performed. Though some may believe that this selection process is based only on the pure ideals of artistry and talent, history shows that this is not actually the case. It is important to think about criteria and who gets excluded because of traditional practices. 

Equity in Selection Processes


Musicians on How to Bring Racial Equity to Auditions

Thoughts by conductors, musicians, and administrators on blind auditions and racial diversity.

Blind Spots in the “Blind Audition Study” 

The inconclusive data of a highly cited study published in 2000 raises questions about its claim that blind auditions helped female musicians.

Breaking Through 

Some progress is being made to improve the inclusiveness in American orchestras, but true diversity onstage and off remains elusive.

The Meritocracy Myth 

A book by Stephen J. McNamee and Robert K. Miller, Jr. challenges the widely held American belief that the system distributes resources according to the merit of individuals.

What the Death of a Manhattan Music School Says about Opportunity in the Classical World 

Closed due to a lack of funding, The Turtle Bay Music School  is an example of nonprofit music schools that largely rely on individual and corporate support rather than government funding.

To Fight Racism Within Museums, They Need to Stop Acting Like They’re Neutral 

How to combat racism at cultural institutions, and their need to reflect the true demographics of their community.




The Trilloquy Podcast was set up by Garrett McQueen to decolonize the traditional definitions and conversations surrounding classical music 


With a new series, BSO’s Lucia Lin insists: ‘Classical music is not Eurocentric’

Catalyst Snapshots: EDI Case Studies from American Orchestras

In this series, League member orchestras share stories of the tangible progress they’ve made towards their equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) goals.


Learn Repertoire & Commissions

January 28, 2021

Databases of Repertoire by Underrepresented Composers

Center for Black Music Research; Music by Black Composers, a Project of the Rachel Barton Pine Foundation; Composer Diversity Database; Composer’s Equity Project; Latin Orchestral Music
Databases of Repertoire by Underrepresented Composers READ MORE

Fostering Inclusion

Listen or Read

Transcending Differences Through the Arts

A keynote presentation delivered by Donna Walker-Kuhne at Orchestra Canada’s National Conference 2019 on welcoming diverse audiences to arts spaces.


Learn COVID-19

June 3, 2020

Conference 2020 – What is the Artistic Work of Orchestras for Today?

We live in a time of unprecedented creative variety and possibility, a surge of digital content and distribution, and new understandings of who gets to shape the orchestra experience. In this video of a session from a League Conference, we explore what it means for the artistic leadership of orchestras today, and what may need to change in order to seize the opportunities ahead.
Conference 2020 – What is the Artistic Work of Orchestras for Today? READ MORE

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