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Global Assist

Ukraine is only the most recent tragic conflict to create refugees by the millions. Orchestras and others in the classical music community are taking action to help displaced artists as they navigate life away from home.

Cementing Flexibility

Will the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s new collective-bargaining agreement, with more flexible work rules, usher in permanent changes in how orchestras and musicians work together?

Coda: More than a Voice

Member-only Content

Countertenor Anthony Roth Costanzo is broadening the definition of the classical singer to include impresario, activist, organizer, and more.

Coda: The Virtual Violin

Ray Chen isn’t your standard violin virtuoso. He has carved out a distinctive profile with a longstanding embrace of social media, aiming to make classical music more accessible, more relatable— and still brilliant. Here, Chen writes about how his latest digital project expanded his idea of what a musical community can be.