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Coda: An American in Odessa

American conductor Hobart Earle, music director of the Odessa Philharmonic for two decades, offers an insider’s perspective on musical life in Ukraine—before and during the Russian invasion.

In the Main Stream

Digital efforts are part of the “new normal” for orchestras. But what is the right balance between virtual and in-person music-making? And how does an orchestra turn a concert stream into an income stream?

Where Do We Stand?

Conductors of Western classical orchestras have almost all been White men. Few American orchestras put a Black music director on the podium, and many Black musical artists had to head to Europe to build careers. That’s changing—but are things moving far enough, fast enough?

Community, Climate, Composition, Collaboration

The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra’s Floods of Fire, a response to Australia’s environmental crisis, is the product of a large-scale collaboration. People from multiple backgrounds and groups came together to create the work—and the process may be more important than the result.

Songs of the Earth

Climate change is a major focus for composers writing for orchestra. The topic is taking on increased urgency, with a broad swath of new works demonstrating multiple approaches—and even finding reasons for hope.

Global Assist

Ukraine is only the most recent tragic conflict to create refugees by the millions. Orchestras and others in the classical music community are taking action to help displaced artists as they navigate life away from home.

Leading Perspectives

What do orchestra managers need to succeed today? A new book, Orchestra Management Handbook: Building Relationships in Turbulent Times, offers a guide to a career in this demanding, rewarding profession.

Forward Together

The pandemic has been a time of unprecedented collaborative learning among orchestras. But the post-pandemic environment will require orchestras to go further, finding ways to integrate departmental goals and organizational aspirations with new clarity.