Organizations are most effective when their work is governed and delivered by people who represent the diversity of the communities they serve. The following resources are designed to support orchestras’ efforts to attract and retain diverse orchestra boards and staff.

Boardsource: Where is Race on your Board’s Recruitment Agenda?

This short report compares the demographic profile of US boards with that of the general population, then outlines some key principles around recruitment and orientation.

Race Forward & the Center for Social Inclusion: Ready for Equity in Workforce Development

A racial equity readiness assessment tool, designed to provide a landscape of possible solutions for organizations to lean further into their racial equity practice.

Cross roads Ministry, Chicago, Illinois: Continuum on Becoming an Anti-Racist, Multicultural Organization (PDF)

Where would you put your orchestra on the continuum? Where would you like it to be? This tool positions board and staff diversification clearly within a wider organizational context.

NonprofitHR: Anxious to Launch a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program at Your Nonprofit? Here’s How to Determine if You Should Wait!

Lisa Brown Alexander, Founder & CEO of Nonprofit HR, summarizes five essential steps to complete before launching a diversity, equity, and inclusion program in order to unpack the macro-level impacts of these efforts.

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