Mapping your public value is a way to provide a new picture of the work your orchestra does in the community. The breadth of your orchestra’s engagement is displayed powerfully in a set of maps and accompanying lists that show the number, variety, and geographic spread of the schools, community, and business partners with which you interact. Contact Najean Lee in the League’s DC office to get started.

Basic Maps

For all League member orchestras, we offer a PDF of our basic mapping report, which entails a 1-hour call to discuss the data collection process, and 1-hour call to discuss finished map. This basic map from a single database includes 6 maps and accompanying partner lists selecting from these options: best view of all partners; county-level; city-proper; Congressional district; median household income. An editable PowerPoint file of the finished mapping report is available from the League free of charge, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Customized Maps

A larger and more customized mapping report is available to all orchestras at a cost of $300 for members; $500 for nonmembers. This report includes up to 12 maps with lists including the basic maps, plus selecting 2-3 from the following options: race; median age; partners by duration; numbers served; supplementary maps based on additional dataset (i.e. employees, vendors). The range of what can be provided will depend on the type of data supplied and require a more detailed consultation with League staff. All customized mapping reports come as an editable Powerpoint file.

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