Gender Equity

While American orchestras have achieved great strides in gender equality over the past few decades, there is still work to be done to promote equity and to prevent sexual harassment and discrimination, particularly against women of color. 


Resources for Preventing Sexual Harassment

The League of American Orchestras encourages its members to follow these best practices in preventing sexual harassment and in responding to claims.  

Race to Lead: Women of Color in the Nonprofit Sector summary

As part of the Building Movement Project’s  Race to Lead initiative, this report confirms the long-assumed gender- and race-based disparities and presents implications of the intersectionality of gender and race in the nonprofit workforce.

Auditioning Behind Screens Had Little to do With Women’s Advancement in Orchestras, but Rather a Change in Attitudes 

A 2000 study by Harvard and Princeton economists that confirmed the success of blind auditions in increasing opportunities for women was challenged by scholars and data scientists.


Learn Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

May 28, 2020

Conference 2020 – Addressing Gender Equity On and Off the Stage

While gender representation in the orchestral field has diversified both onstage and offstage recently, the challenge of creating truly inclusive and equitable environments remains. Salary parity, promotion and tenure, and interpersonal treatment are all issues in which gender inequity continues to manifest.
Conference 2020 – Addressing Gender Equity On and Off the Stage READ MORE

Blind audition study: truth or myth?

Christina Hoff Sommers, Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, explains why the “Blind Audition Study” was inaccurate.


The Women Composers Readings and Commissions Program

An initiative of the League of American Orchestras, in partnership with American Composers Orchestra (ACO) and supported by the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation.

Women in Classical Music Symposium

The Dallas Symphony’s Women in Classical Music Symposium helps women reach their full potential professionally, while simultaneously acting as a catalyst for broad-scale change in the industry. Each year, it brings together industry leaders – as well as those just starting out – to engage in thought-provoking conversations, performances, and networking.

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