Orchestras in Music Education Advocacy

Music Education for All Students (PDF)

The Fall 2016 issue of Symphony includes a feature on the Every Student Succeeds Act and the role of orchestras in advocating for a complete education that includes music for all students. The article highlights the work of several orchestras, includes insight from policy leaders, and identifies local action steps for orchestras.

“Enough” is Not Enough (PDF)

This article by former League CERO Jesse Rosen and Heather Noonan is excerpted from the Fall 2012 issue of SYMPHONY magazine. “’Enough’ is Not Enough” addresses the disparity that persists in our nation’s schools when it comes to the availability of a complete arts education for all students; the students who have the most to gain from an arts education have the least access to arts learning. The article urges orchestras to get involved.

Rally The Troops (PDF)

This article by Karin Brookes is excerpted from the July/August 2005 issue of SYMPHONY magazine. “Rally the Troops” describes how orchestras can get involved in music education advocacy at the local level, provides tips for coalition-building, and includes further links to online advocacy resources.

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Contact Congress

Raising your voice about key issues before Congress is essential. Contacting Congress is easy to do, and your communication with elected officials will ensure that communities nationwide continue to benefit from orchestral music.

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