Speakers: Sarah Weber, Association of California Symphony Orchestras; John Forsyte, President and CEO, Pacific Symphony; Mieko Hatano, Executive Director, Oakland Symphony; Anna James Miller, Executive Director, San Luis Obispo Symphony; Jim Tibbs, Executive Director, Berkeley Symphony; and Scott Vandrick, Chief Development Officer, Pasadena Symphony and POPs

Community, collaboration, and collective action are fundamental to successfully moving forward as individuals, as orchestras, and as an industry. During the last two years in particular, collaboration has been a guiding principle within internal orchestra cultures, between orchestras artistically and professionally, between orchestras and community partners, and between orchestras and other arts disciplines for collective advocacy.

In this session, Association of California Symphony Orchestras (ACSO) executive director Sarah Weber and several ACSO member orchestras share inspiring stories of collaboration within California’s orchestra community, outline key lessons learned, and discuss how their vision and plans for their orchestras have evolved as they look optimistically to the future.

Key Takeaways

  • How orchestras can support and connect with each other
  • How to create or strengthen your own professional orchestra network
  • Ways to build an internal culture of collaboration within your orchestra
  • How to start working on collective advocacy with other arts organizations
  • Importance of building relationships with other arts and culture organizations, especially for collective advocacy

About ACSO

For over 50 years, orchestras in California and neighboring states have been part of a powerful collective guided by the Association of California Symphony Orchestras (ACSO). Focused on networking, learning, resource-sharing, and advocacy, the members in this network support and sustain each other in good times and bad.

Throughout the pandemic, ACSO fostered a collaborative environment for its members based on trust and sharing that helped member orchestras not only to survive, but to innovate and evolve.

This session is dedicated to the memory of Oakland Symphony Music Director Michael Morgan.


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