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Speaker: Alan Brown, Managing Principal, WolfBrown

While audience recovery efforts have quite naturally focused on re-activation and re-engagement, it is possible that a segment of pre-pandemic loyal audience members may never return to live programs.

To remain competitive and generate a new audience pipeline, the orchestra field and its supporters will need to collaborate more broadly on product development. During the pandemic, we’ve seen commercial producers invest heavily in new technologies and experiences (e.g., immersive Van Gogh exhibits). What musical experiences will attract the next generation of orchestra audiences?

Explore research on emerging programming practices in the arts and entertainment sector, including live and digital programs, immersive and augmented formats, and virtual experiences. Specifically, the session covers:

  • Historical perspective on immersive technologies
  • Theoretical underpinnings of the transition from mental immersion to sensory immersion, and from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0
  • Commercial sector adoption of immersive experiences in fashion, theme parks, public art, and real estate
  • Adoption of immersive formats in the museum field (nonprofit and commercial), and what’s coming post-Van Gogh
  • Immersive and virtual reality experiences in the performing arts
  • Approaches to product development
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