October 6, 2017

The League, as part of a larger Performing Arts Wireless Microphone Working Group, has recently been representing orchestras in a series of meetings at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and earlier this week filed joint comments (PDF) to the FCC. The comments are in support of an agency proposal to expand eligibility to apply for a specific type of license that would offer interference protection to certain eligible performing arts wireless microphone users. Wireless microphones are most commonly used for voice amplification of on-stage performers, but interference-free use of wireless spectrum is also important for backstage cue and control devices, and for venues that offer audio assist devices to hearing-impaired audience members. For more background and details on this proposal, as well as important upcoming changes that wireless device operators should be aware of concerning vacating the 600 MHz band, please see our webpage on FCC Action on Wireless Microphones.

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