The processes for people of color to gain permanent employment in American orchestras are not equitable. Exclusion, harassment, and the lack of access to education, mentorship, and networking opportunities have all impeded their participation in the orchestral field. These discriminatory practices have barricaded the door to Black and Brown colleagues for the past century.

We can and must change that.

Join us for an important discussion about the new audition and tenure guidelines from the National Alliance for Audition Support (NAAS), a collaboration of the League of American Orchestras with The Sphinx Organization and the New World Symphony. With the understanding that there is no “one-size-fits-all” archetype for audition procedures, this webinar will explore the evolving understanding of the audition process and how it can be more equitable, recognizing that any ideas fall within the purview of existing collective bargaining agreements and are therefore subject to mandatory bargaining. The webinar will cover best practices, how and why they were developed, and the key role of music directors in leading this work.

Speakers: Andre Dowell, Chief of Artist Engagement, The Sphinx Organization; Afa S Dworkin, President and Artistic Director, The Sphinx Organization; John Kieser, Executive Producer of Media, New World Symphony; Michael Morgan, Music Director, Oakland Symphony; Tito Munoz, Music Director, The Phoenix Symphony; Bill Neri, Project Manager, NAAS; Meredith Snow, ICSOM Chairperson, Violist, Los Angeles Philharmonic

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