August 6, 2020

The League joined more than fifty national organizations issuing the statement, Arts Education Is Essential (PDF), which succinctly reminds school administrators and the public that — especially in the context of COVID-19 — arts education contributes to the social and emotional well-being of students, encourages student expression, and is essential to a well-rounded education for all students. These are among the highest priorities for schools, and the delivery of high-quality arts instruction is not only possible, but it is a necessary part of the school experience in-school and online. As public funding for education becomes increasingly imperiled amid the coronavirus pandemic, music education advocates should speak up in both short and longer-term budget discussions taking place at the local and state levels. Be sure to utilize the League’s collection of resources to support advocacy for school-based music education and take note that National Arts in Education Week will be celebrated this year from September 13 through 19. This will be a great opportunity to join others in bringing visibility to the importance of music education, using the hashtags #AIEWeek and #artsed.

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