Building Diverse and Equitable Teams


The Racism of the ‘Hard-to-Find’ Qualified Black Candidate Trope

The Role of Senior Leaders in Building a Race Equity Culture

Kerrien Suarez, executive director of Equity in the Center, discusses the critical role that senior leaders play in building an organizational culture that embraces racial equity.

6 Steps for Building an Inclusive Workplace 

To get workplace diversity and inclusion right, you need to build a culture where everyone feels valued and heard.


EDI at the San Francisco Symphony: Foundational Work and the COVID-19 Challenge

In this League Conference video, the San Francisco Symphony outlines three overarching considerations of their diversity, equity, and inclusion work: language-related considerations, context and framing, and where they want to be.

EDI as an Imperative in Stakeholder Engagement and Fundraising

Why is the recruitment and retention of diverse orchestra staff, boards, and volunteers not only a moral imperative but also essential to fundraising success and mission fulfillment? This League webinar explains how, no matter the size of your shop, approaching development work with an EDI lens can help you attract diverse staff and volunteers, engage more audiences, and ultimately strengthen the impact of your mission.

Video Cases of Organizations Building a Race Equity Culture 

Equity in the Center case studies showcasing the power of equipping organizations for change.


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