FEMA COVID-19 Safe Opening Assistance

The Federal Emergency Management Administration is offering financial support to qualifying organizations, including performing arts organizations, to support costs associated with the safe opening and operations of facilities amid the COVID-19 pandemic. These resources, outlined in the policy document Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Safe Opening and Operation Work Eligible for Public Assistance, are administered by state and regional FEMA offices, are available to entities that meet the general requirements to qualify for FEMA public assistance, and may help support the costs of masks, testing, and other costs for those organizations that own their facilities, or are legally responsible for their facilities

In 2008, the performing arts community successfully secured FEMA eligibility for performing arts organizations under the agency’s definition of a “public nonprofit (PNP),” which has enabled certain nonprofit organizations to receive FEMA support following a natural disaster. The general eligibility requirements for FEMA support also apply to this COVID-19 relief opportunity and general PNP eligibility is outlined in FEMA’s Fact Sheet and in the Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide Version 3.1.

FEMA COVID-19 Safe Opening support is administered through state disaster relief offices; the experience of applicants may vary. Organizations seeking to learn more about eligibility and registering to apply can start by contacting your state’s emergency management agency.

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