Speakers: Doug Hagerman, Board Chaird, League of American Orchestras; Alex Laing, Principal Clarinet, The Phoenix Symphony; Heather Noonan, Vice President for Advocacy, League of American Orchestras; Jesse Rosen, Former President and CEO, League of American Orchestras; Simon Woods, President and CEO, League of American Orchestras

At the Annual Meeting and Luncheon, we provided updates from the League, elected new board members, presented the League’s highest honor Gold Baton Award, and enjoyed lunch with colleagues. We were also proud to present an exclusive performance by an up-and-coming LA-based Baroque chamber ensemble, KONTRAPUNKTUS. The group is composed of remarkable young musicians who all hail from the prestigious Colburn School of Music in Los Angeles and the renowned Juilliard School in New York City and are led by Concertmaster Melody Ye Yuan. Kontrapunktus played a special Baroque set featuring musical snippets from Francesco Geminiani and Antonio Vivaldi, culminating in a performance of Tomaso Antoni Vitale’s “Chaconne in G Minor” by one of the fasting rising stars in classical music today, Aubree Oliverson.

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This session has been generously sponsored by Kontrapunktus.

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