March 2, 2021

Congress is rapidly advancing a new $1.9 trillion package of COVID-19 relief, building on a proposal by the Biden-Harris Administration, and using the budget reconciliation process to speed approval with a simple majority vote in the Senate. The bill is being taken up by the Senate this week, where final changes to the scope of the relief provided will be rapidly considered as Congress aims to send a completed package to the President’s desk before a number of provisions expire in mid-March.

Nearly every form of federal relief accessed by orchestras and their partners in the arts and nonprofit sectors since the beginning of the pandemic could be expanded and extended in some way, and critical new forms of help are also on the table.

Thank you for continuing to speak up! Please continue to make your voice heard this week through the resources in the League of American Orchestras’ dedicated COVID-19 campaign:

  • Overview of what’s in the newest relief package 
  • Detailed talking points to customize and use in your phone calls and letters to elected officials 
  • Tips for how to connect with your members of Congress 
  • Orchestras are joining their voices with others across the arts (PDF) and throughout the nonprofit sector (PDF) to describe how COVID-19 relief can support community needs. 

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