Karen Yair

Vice President, Research and Resources

Office Location

New York, NY


646 822 4081

Karen Yair grew up playing piano and loving all sorts of music, from Chopin to big band swing. Having led research and strategy work at Youth Music, the UK Crafts Council, NYC Gay Men’s Chorus, and Music for Youth, she’s driven by the conviction that data-driven insights drive change, and a belief in the transformative power of creativity and the arts. On staff since 2015, Karen is now responsible for creating the research, data and resources that support League members in their work, and that fuel the League’s advocacy, thought leadership, and media work. Karen has overseen and co-authored major League research studies, including Orchestra Facts: 2006-2014; Of and For the Community: The Education and Community Engagement Work of Orchestras; and both 2016 and 2023 editions of Racial / Ethnic and Gender Diversity in the Orchestra Field. She lives in Brooklyn with her son, her husband, and a rather cantankerous cat.

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