Mental health and wellness are extremely important yet frequently overlooked and stigmatized. In a 90-minute panel discussion moderated by Stephanie Wagner, a trainer and program specialist at Healthy Minds Innovations (affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison), we will open the dialogue to normalize conversations about mental health for those in the orchestra field and beyond. The session will feature strategies backed by science to support and nurture mental and emotional well-being during this challenging time as well as audience Q&A with the panel.

Moderator: Stephanie Wagner, Trainer & Program Specialist at Healthy Minds Innovations
Panelists: Julia Adolphe, Composer; Lauren Aycock Anderson, Therapist/Owner, Counseling for Creatives, LLC; Aiden Feltkamp, Emerging Composers and Diversity Director, American Composers Orchestra; and Sidney Hopson, Musician | Arts Strategist

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