Volunteer Council Directory



Janet Cabot, Madison Symphony Orchestra | Immediate Past President
Darlene Clark, Houston Symphony Orchestra | Conference Chair
Kathy Leibrand, Kansas City Symphony Guild | President-Elect
Laurie Skjerseth, Quad City Symphony Orchestra | President
Margaret Stehman, National Symphony Orchestra, Washington D.C. | Conference Chair-Elect


Julie Brantley, Richmond Symphony Orchestra, VA
Bruce Colquhoun, Spokane Symphony, WA
Loretta Davenport, Chicago Sinfonietta, IL
Marena Gault, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, TX
Charlotte Lewis, Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, LA
Florence McLean, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, MD
Kent McNeil, St. Louis, MO
Paula McReynolds, Waco Symphony Orchestra, TX
Irene Sohm, Santa Rosa Symphony, CA

Ex-Officio Members

Venise Stewart, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, TX | AMSOV President
Camille Williams, Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, AR | Sustainer Liaison
Becky Odland, Minnesota Orchestra, MN I Sustainer Liaison-Elect
Marylou Turner, Kansas City Symphony, MO | Sustainer Mentoring Program
Simon Woods, League of American Orchestras | President & CEO

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