Becoming a Volunteer Council Member

The Volunteer Council of the League of American Orchestras conducts a national search for candidates to serve on the Council. We ask for your help in identifying community leaders who have demonstrated outstanding support for your orchestra and invite you to nominate them to fill these important positions. Keep in mind that immediate past presidents of volunteer associations who have shown exceptional commitment are often appropriate candidates. We are looking to represent all types of volunteers from all orchestra sizes.

Being a Volunteer Council member offers a wonderful opportunity to:

  • Connect and engage with peers
  • Share your knowledge and leadership skills
  • Create a network of contacts that can benefit you and your organization

What does serving involve?

  • Volunteer Council members serve two three-year terms; you are asked re-commit at the end of your first term
  • Attending two three-day meetings a year; typically, one meeting is held in October in the Conference host city and the other meeting is held in March at the League office in NYC
  • Attending the League National Conference in June; the host city changes each year
  • Being responsible for your meeting expenses including airfare, food, hotel, incidentals, and Conference registration (as member you will have a special discounted rate)
  • Contributing to the League’s Annual fund; donation amount is up to you
  • Serving on Volunteer Council committees including the Conference Committee and participating in conference calls and online meetings as requested
  • Being an engaged and enthusiastic contributing member!

Volunteer Council Meetings

The Volunteer Council operates on a shared leadership model. First-year Council members learn, observe and participate as committee members. Leadership roles are assumed in succeeding years. The Council meets three times a year: in September/October typically in the host city for the League’s upcoming national Conference; February/March in the the League’s offices in New York, and in June in conjunction with the League’s annual National Conference. Committee meetings are held during these times; therefore, it is expected that all Council members be present. In addition, committee work is done throughout the year via telephone calls, online meetings on Zoom or similar platforms, and email.

Financial Considerations

Volunteer Council members pay their own expenses for all meetings. As noted above, meetings include one fall meeting, one winter meeting, and one June conference. In addition, a Council member may be asked to conduct or assist with one day regional workshops and pay the associated expenses. There is a special group registration fee for Conference and possible miscellaneous costs associated with Council meetings: optional entertainment events and the Sunshine Fund. All Volunteer Council members are expected to make a contribution to the League’s Annual Fund each year.

Terms of Office

Members are elected for a term of three years and are eligible for re-election for one additional three-year term. To ensure continuity and leadership succession, members are encouraged to serve a full six-year term.

For more information, please contact Melanie Hausmann at mhausmann@americanorchestras.org.

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