Electronic Media FAQ

Q: The music publisher has asked for an additional music rental fee because we are broadcasting the copyrighted work on radio and streaming it on the Internet. Does copyright law require us to pay this fee?

Q: Can we put a five-minute video clip of our orchestra on Facebook Live or YouTube?

Q: Can we put five-minute audio clips of the music we will be performing on our Website, to promote ticket sales?

Q: Does the use of a short audio or audio-visual clip on our Website or in some other electronic medium for promotional purposes meet the definition of “Fair Use” under Copyright Law (for which we do not need to seek permission from the copyright holder)?

Banner Photo Credit: Minda Davison, Des Moines Symphony, Members of the Des Moines Symphony perform “History & Folklore,” the first concert in its livestreamed “Live from the Temple” series, at the Temple for Performing Arts in downtown Des Moines, Iowa.

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