Career Planning – Frequently Asked Questions

I am a performer and want to keep playing in the orchestra. But I also have an interest in learning about the administrative side of things. How can I begin?

I’m a performing orchestral musician.  Is it possible to keep playing my instrument and also have a job working for an orchestra behind the scenes?

I love music but may not major in music in college.  Will this prevent me from working for an orchestra?

Is an MBA or Arts Administration degree required for a management position with an orchestra?

I’ve been working in a different area of non-profit administration.  Will my job experience translate to a job with an orchestra?

Is it better to start working for a small budget orchestra with only a few (2-10) staff, or a large orchestra (15+ staff)?

How can I find out about job opportunities in orchestras?

If I go to work for an orchestra, will I get to travel?

I’m interested in working for an orchestra but don’t know where to start. What should be my first steps?

How can I find a list of the orchestras in my state?

I have lots of questions about working for orchestras. Can the League help me?

Absolutely! You can:

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