Differing Abilities

Being an inclusive organization includes finding ways to serve audiences of differing abilities. Many orchestras are exploring ways to provide sensory-friendly concerts, neuro-diverse programming, and performances that address physical challenges such as visual and hearing impairments. 


5 Actions Nonprofits Can Take to Embrace Disability Rights and Access

Catherine Hyde Townsend, Senior Advisor, Disability Inclusion at the Ford Foundation, lays out five concrete actions for organizations to advance disability inclusion, equity, and justice.

Communicating About Disabilities

The National Disability Rights Network’s guidelines for writing, reporting, and speaking respectfully to or about people with disabilities.

Seven Inclusive Principles for Arts and Cultural Organizations Working Safely Through Covid-19

practical guide for arts and entertainment organizations, designed to ensure that deaf, neurodiverse, and disabled people are not discriminated against as creative work begins again and as venues re-open.

Ten Tips on Making Concert Venues Accessible for Blind and Visually Impaired People


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June 4, 2020

Conference 2020 – So You Want to Know About Sensory-Friendly Programming?

Over the past five years, the Minnesota Orchestra and other symphonies have pioneered the development of sensory-friendly/relaxed orchestra performances. While these inclusive experiences have been well-received by audience members, staff, and musicians alike, this programming requires a commitment from the organization to develop an inclusive culture and adapt operations to effectively serve audiences with autism or neurodevelopmental disabilities.
Conference 2020 – So You Want to Know About Sensory-Friendly Programming? READ MORE

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#AccessThat: a Digital Accessibility Guide

Ensure your digital content is accessible to people with sensory disabilities. Rooted in Rights offers guidelines and training videos to help organizations create accessible digital content and environments.


Seattle Symphony’s Sensory-Friendly Concerts

A program designed to provide a comfortable environment for children with autism spectrum disorders and other disabilities to enjoy and interact with music.

Attitude is Everything

UK organization working in partnership with audiences, artists, and the music industry to improve Deaf and disabled people’s access to live music.

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