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Throughout election cycles, learn more about how your orchestra can take action to support voter engagement! While nonprofit orchestras are strictly prohibited from supporting the election or defeat of any candidate for office, theycan engage in non-partisan voter engagement activity that encourages all voters to register and participate in the election process. Nonprofits are permitted to expend funds and take public positions related to referenda, ballot initiatives, propositions, and tax levies. Nonprofit election activity may not cross the line into endorsing a party or candidate. As active members of communities across the United States orchestras can take action through multiple forms of civic engagement. The League of American Orchestras resource, Playing Your Part: An Orchestra’s Guide to Public Policy Advocacy, includes a Q & A on the rules that allow issue advocacy and voter engagement by orchestras as nonprofit organizations. For more information about nonprofit participation in voter engagement, the following are helpful resources:

  • National Voter Registration Day – Celebrated this September 17, consider promoting voter participation messages on social media. 
  • Nonprofits and Elections 2024: Why and How You Should Engage (and stay nonpartisan) (1:15:26), National Council of Nonprofits, Feb. 22, 2024. This nationwide webinar featured national experts explaining how charitable nonprofits can engage in the 2024 elections in legal and nonpartisan ways and – more importantly – why it’s to their missions’ advantage to get involved.
  • Inclusive Strategies for Nonprofit Voter Engagement – This informative post with tips to build a more equitable electorate is provided by Independent Sector, the national organization for the nonprofit and philanthropic sector, of which the League is an active member. 
  • Vote.org  – Works to ensure that “the electorate matches the population,” providing registration links and deadlines, polling location details, and other essential voting information for each state. 
  • Nonprofitvote.org – Helps nonprofits engage the people they serve in voting and elections, and includes a very helpful “Permissible Election Activities Checklist.” (PDF) 
  • VOTE EARLY DAY – Vote Early Day is a holiday (October 29) with concerts, marches, educational events, and more to help voters learn about their options to cast their ballot ahead of this year’s midterm elections. It is a movement of thousands of partners across the nation – from businesses to nonprofits to campuses – to empower Americans to vote early and make their voices heard. 

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Raising your voice about key issues before Congress is essential. Contacting Congress is easy to do, and your communication with elected officials will ensure that communities nationwide continue to benefit from orchestral music.

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