Take Action: Cultural Exchange

Policymakers agree that cultural exchange is critical to our security and diplomacy efforts around the world. To that end, orchestras urge Congress to increase funding for the Cultural Programs Division of the State Department’s Office of Citizen Exchanges. An increase for the Professional Exchanges and Cultural Grant Program fosters the ability of orchestras to build artistic bridges among people of different countries, cultures, and faiths.

Contacting Congress is simple and will make a difference. We have prepared an advocacy campaign with essential background, talking points, and a template letter for you to personalize your communication with policymakers. Please note that identical copies of your letter will go to both of your Senators and your Representative.

Take Action: International Cultural Exchange

Issue Brief (PDF)
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Raising your voice about key issues before Congress is essential. Contacting Congress is easy to do, and your communication with elected officials will ensure that communities nationwide continue to benefit from orchestral music.

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