Jesse Rosen steps down as the League’s president and CEO this September after a distinguished twelve-year tenure. But his links to the League—and to the orchestra field—go back much further. Rosen shares his unique perspectives as musician, administrator, and leader in a wide-ranging discussion of the past, present, and future of orchestras.

Soon after Jesse Rosen became president and CEO of the League of American Orchestras in 2008, he began writing Critical Questions, a column in Symphony magazine. In Critical Questions, he examined the new roles of orchestras in a changing society, explored the topic of innovation in depth, reviewed field-wide research, analyzed emerging practices, and highlighted the vitality of the music of our time. He interviewed orchestra executives, board members, and musicians; presented the perspectives of thought leaders from inside and outside the orchestra field; spoke with experts on topics including contract negotiations, nonprofit governance, and finance; and led frank discussions of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Now it’s Rosen’s turn in the Critical Questions hot seat.

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