Orchestra and Youth Orchestra Memberships

As a member, your organization benefits from the League’s activities in a number of areas:

  • An ambitious research and information program that gives you critical data for making knowledgeable decisions.
  • Leadership and learning opportunities that help you and your colleagues meet the needs of your organization today.
  • Public policy and public relations work that amplifies your organization’s voice and helps to tell your story.
  • Publications and networking resources that connect you and others in your organization with peers and leaders in the field.

Limited-time offer! Join the League as an orchestra member for a low flat rate and get a free registration for this year’s Conference, Embracing a Changed World.

Dues are based on last year’s operating expenses. Please use the chart below to find your rate.

2019-20 Operating Expenses:

$8,200,000 – $17,774,999

$3,140,000 – $8,199,999

$2,150,000 – $3,139,999

$1,000,000 – $2,149,999

$620,000 – $999,999

$198,000 – $619,999

<= $197,999, College, International, and Youth

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Thank you for your interest in the League of American Orchestras! We are dedicated to advancing the orchestral experience for all.

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