ALAANA Administrators

First organized in 2018 in conjunction with the League’s National Conference in Chicago, the ALAANA Administrators constituency group is comprised of orchestra administrators who are not executive directors or CEOs and who self-identify as people of African, Latinx, Asian, Arab/Middle Eastern, or Native American descent (ALAANA).

After the 2018 National Conference, ALAANA administrators told the League that they wanted to have additional tools and opportunities to connect as a cohort within the orchestra field. In response, the League established an official constituency group dedicated to orchestra administrators of color.

Administrators at all levels of responsibility in their organization (who are not executive directors or CEOs) and at all points in their orchestra careers, from new hires to veterans in the field, are welcome to join the group. Simply fill out this short demographic survey, and we’ll get you signed up.

Additional Resource: Join the League360 Group for ALAANA Admins
We hope this online platform provides an open forum for intentional and consistent connection with other ALAANA orchestra administrators. Participants may share updates and news, or interesting and relevant articles and media, and ask questions and advice of other group members. Opt in at the end of the demographic survey

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