Advertise in Symphony: Rates and Requirements

2022 Print Advertising Rates

4-colorMember RateNon-Member Rate
Full page$2,640$3,125
2/3 page$2,180$2,585
1/2 page$1,805$2,150
1/3 page$1,475$1,760
1/6 page$1,150$1,400
1/12 page$965$1,180

Black and WhiteMember RateNon-Member Rate
Full page$1,995$2,360
2/3 page$1,555$1,840
1/2 page$1,180$1,400
1/3 page$875$1,045
1/6 page$530$630
1/12 page$345$415

Mechanical Requirements

The trim size for Symphony is 8 ½” x 10 7/8”

Guide to making a full-page ad with full bleed (PDF)

Ad SizeWidth (inches)Height (inches)
Full810 3/8
Full with Bleed8 3/411 1/8*
2/3 page4 5/810
1/2 horizontal74 7/8
1/2 vertical4 5/87 1/2
1/3 horizontal4 5/84 7/8
1/3 vertical2 1/410
1/6 horizontal4 5/82 1/4
1/6 vertical2 1/44 7/8
1/12 page2 1/42 3/8
Back Cover8 3/48 7/8
*safety margin: keep all important matter ¼” inside trim size (3/8” inside the edges)

Unique opportunities to showcase your message (call for pricing)

Belly band: Be the first advertiser readers see by wrapping your message around the publication.

Tip-on: Engage readers as they uncover information about your company in a matter of seconds with your ad glued softly onto a page.

Gatefold: Build excitement for your ad as readers unfold it in a cover or internal gatefold. Options include front, back, and center. Note: Cover gatefolds require your ad placement on the adjacent inside front or back cover pages.

Heavy stock insert: Heighten the impact of your ad when we print it on card stock and bind it into the magazine.

Preferred Placement Opportunities:  Special placement (other than covers) is available for an additional 15% of total (space plus color).  Requests for specific positioning cannot be guaranteed unless a position premium is specified on the insertion order.

Multiple Insertion Discounts: Additional discounts are available for multiple placements. Contact Steve Alter at salter@americanorchestras.org for details.

For more information or to reserve your ad in one of the League’s premiere publications:

Please contact Steve Alter at salter@americanorchestras.org or call him at 646 822 4051.

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