Speaker(s): Ann Meier Baker, Music and Opera Director, National Endowment for the Arts; Mitch Bassion, Chief Philanthropy Officer, The Philadelphia Orchestra and Kimmel Center, Inc.; Marlah Bonner, Vice President, Development, League of American Orchestras; Jane Hargraft, Chief Development Officer, The Cleveland Orchestra; Laura MacDonald, President and Founder, Benefactor Group

Despite the global pandemic, economic headwinds, and social disruptions, charitable giving to the arts sector increased in 2021. But what about ’22 , ’23, and the future? The sector is sensitive to the economy: recession, market fluctuations, inflation, and other factors influence whether giving grows or declines. And calls for racial equity and diversity offer both opportunity and challenges.

Laura MacDonald, Principal and Founder of Benefactor Group, explores trends in philanthropy to the arts—focusing on orchestras—and engages a panel of orchestra leaders to discuss the specific impact for members of the League of American Orchestras, and how they may leverage opportunities created by the recent shifts in the philanthropic landscape.

Key trends we explore include:

  • The Highly Coveted Intergenerational Transfer of Wealth
  • Evolving Preferences Among Grantors and Mega-Donors
  • Rallying Annual Fund Donors
  • Trends in Funding for Racial Equity
  • Donor Advised Funds
  • The War for Talent

Photo Credit: Jason Cohn


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