Updated March 8, 2022

Efforts to increase restrictions on travel and trade in African Elephant ivory and other endangered animal and plant species has placed a new focus on long-existing, but largely unimplemented permitting rules for international travel with instruments that contain endangered species material. Those rules are contained in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, otherwise known as CITES (SIGH-tees). Before embarking on the permit process, it is critical to understand as much as possible about the rules and limitations that apply to travel with permits. Following are tips for becoming familiar with these rules.

1. Know what materials are in your instruments.

2. Become familiar with the CITES permit process. 

3. Consider the limited locations for exiting and entering the U.S. with CITES permits.

4. Additional layers of rules may apply country by country.

5. Stay tuned for updated information.

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