Public Value Toolkit

Building Public Support: A ToolKit for Orchestras            

The stakes have never been higher for America’s nonprofit orchestras to effectively convey how they are serving their communities. Today’s philanthropic and public decision-makers want to see and understand how orchestras are meeting the needs of their local communities and their citizens from all walks of life. Funders and governments are all making tough choices about how to allocate scarce resources. Economic impact arguments are not enough and are not unique to the arts. And while artistic excellence is fundamental to our work, it is no longer sufficient to generate widespread community support.

To earn wholehearted community support, orchestras need to act and communicate in new ways. And while there are some actions that can be taken in the near term, changing public perception will require a long-term commitment involving everyone in the organization.

The resources in this Toolkit will help orchestras to meet this critical public value communications challenge.

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