Pops concerts are everywhere, generating excitement at orchestras—and for audiences—across the country. How popular are Pops? Pops performances, featuring a richly diverse range of artists and music, generate an average of 20% of an orchestra’s ticket revenue in any given year, according to the League of American Orchestras’ 2019 Orchestra Statistical Report. But beyond revenue numbers, pops concerts help you diversify, bringing in audiences that may never have set foot in your hall.

Every year, the League, with the help of business partners, compiles a roster of attractions to consider when booking your pops seasons. And this year’s Guide to Pops Programming represents just some of the depth and breadth of League business partners in the area of pops performance. From Americana to World Music… from Country to Rock… there are wonderful shows that help you put butts in seats!

* These paid listings have been supplied to Symphony by League of American Orchestras business partners who represent pops attractions in the area of pops performance. They do not imply endorsement by the League of American Orchestras or Symphony. They are not intended to be fully comprehensive, but to be a reference point for orchestra professionals charged with pops programming. 

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