Diversity Statement

League of American Orchestras, 2012


The League believes that the inclusion of a broad range of experiences and perspectives will strengthen our organization by prompting us to react and think differently, approach challenges and solve problems differently, and seek new opportunities. We believe that superior organizational performance requires tapping into a variety of life experiences and perspectives.

For orchestras to remain vital, they must be authentically diverse institutions—onstage, on staff, and in their governance. It is essential that orchestras in the 21st century become organizations that contribute and connect to the overall quality of life of our diverse communities.


For the League of American Orchestras, achieving diversity means affirming the inclusion and involvement of a broad representation of our community reflecting its true make-up, including race, ethnicity and cultural background, gender, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, disabilities, education, geography, and religion.


Achieving diversity in our organization and our field requires commitment from the leadership at all levels. This commitment must extend over time, with an understanding that achieving diversity is an ongoing process. Therefore the League pledges to:

  • Promote diversity within our board and staff
  • Promote greater understanding of, and respect for, diversity in our member orchestras
  • Help orchestras advance their work in the area of diversity and inclusion, including audience, orchestra and staff personnel, repertoire, young artists, boards, and governance practice