June 12, 2020

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has awarded 41 direct grants to orchestral projects through its FY20 Art Works Part 2 grant category, totaling $867,000 in funding, as well almost two dozen grants to related projects. In all, the Endowment awarded more than 1,000 grants totaling $25,334,900 through Art Works Part 2, as well as $3.643 million in Our Town awards and $780,000 in research grants. The Arts Endowment also awarded more than $54 million in state and regional partnership agreements.

Agency staff worked extensively with organizations to make adjustments to projects in order to accommodate changes wrought by the pandemic, such as postponing activities or taking activities online. As ever, some details are subject to change, contingent upon prior Endowment approval. Please find the most up-to-date information not only for orchestral projects but for all awards in all disciplines using the agency’s grant search tool.

Please notify the League if your orchestral grant is missing from our list so we can maintain as accurate a record as possible. A complete list of FY2020 Grants to Orchestras is available on the League’s website.

For FY21 applications, the next deadlines for NEA support are July 9, 2020 for Grants for Arts Projects, Part 2 (what has been known as Art Works) and August 6, 2020 for Our Town.

NEA direct grants related to CARES Act are expected to be announced separately at a later date.


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