Take Action: Support NEA Funding

Take Action: Support NEA Funding

National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) grants awarded to orchestras, and NEA funds administered by state arts agencies, support projects that increase access to music in communities nationwide.  NEA funding to orchestras also spurs critical giving from other sources like private foundations, corporations, and individual contributors. Congressional support for the NEA has strengthened in recent years, evidenced by incremental funding increases.  Unfortunately, the NEA has never recovered from a 40 percent budget cut in FY96, and its programs are seriously under funded.  Fully restoring funding for the NEA will, in turn, increase the capacity of orchestras to support arts education for children and adults, expand public access to performances, preserve great classical works, and nurture the creative endeavors of contemporary classical musicians, composers, and conductors.

Contacting Congress is simple and will make a difference. We have prepared an advocacy campaign with essential background, talking points, and a template letter for you to personalize your communication with policymakers. Please note that identical copies of your letter will go to both of your Senators and your Representative.

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Raising your voice about key issues before Congress is essential. Contacting Congress is easy to do, and your communication with elected officials will ensure that communities nationwide continue to benefit from orchestral music.

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