Education/Community Engagement Recommended Reading

Symphony Magazine Articles

  • Journey of Engagement
    by Chester Lane
    Sharing the fruits of "Anglo" culture in New Mexico
  • ACCESS for All
    A Seattle Symphony program forges links to the community by answering the call from ethnic and minority groups to "come on over to our house."
  • Joining Hands
    by Chester Lane
    Violinist Midori is as passionate about education and collaboration as she is about her solo career, building a network of activities that weave music into everyday life.
  • Rally the Troops: Music Education Advocacy for Orchestras
    by Karin Brookes
    Here's how orchestras can get involved in music education advocacy on the local level
  • Looking Forward in Pittsburgh
    by Caroline Abels
    By reaching out to young and old, by involving its community in both music and the activities that make it happen, the Pittsburgh Symphony builds for the future.
  • Unfinished Business
    by Polly Kahn
    It's time we embraced our most loyal and inquisitive audience members.
  • Learning Curve
    by Heidi Waleson
    To make an impact on students, "teaching artists" from orchestras go to classes of their own.
  • In Concert With Kids
    by Heidi Waleson
    Sure, it's still a great excuse to get away from class. But today's youth concert, more likely than not, is also the culmination of a sophisticated educational curriculum.
  • Voyage of Discovery
    by Jack McAuliffe
    Family concerts may be the lure that attracts young parents to a closer tie with the orchestra
  • People
    by Heidi Waleson
    Learn how Teaching Artist David Wallace opens doors to music for young listeners, and teaches fellow musicians to do the same

Other Materials

  • American Orchestras: Making a Difference in Our Communities
    by Polly Kahn, vice president for Learning and Leadership Development, League of American Orchestras

  • Beyond Tradition II
    The "Beyond Tradition II" report is a study of promising practices in orchestra education as represented by the 2003 - 2007 winners of the Bank of America Awards for Excellence in Orchestra Education.
  • Teaching Artists Research Project
    Teaching Artists and the Future of Education found that their work is critical to the future of arts education and to improving the quality of schools. Read a report on a three-year study of teaching artists (TAs) who make teaching a part of their professional practice.

  • Lucia Brawley Speech
    Lucia Brawley delivers the keynote address at the biennial Music Educators Symposium at the Yale School of Music.

  • Engaging Audiences
    A recent Wallace Foundation conference gathered arts organizations that are responding creatively to the challenges of a difficult economic climate and building their audiences by using market research, re-branding, and drawing audience-building lessons from other sectors such as professional sports.

  • Reaching a Broader Community
    James M. Rosser, president of California State University, sets the tone for a better understanding of the role of the orchestra in reaching out to contemporary urban communities. Includes responses by John Gidwitz, executive director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, James F. Mann, general manager of the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, and Mark C. Volpe, executive director of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

  • Community Engagement Programs: Suggested Evaluation Guidelines
    The League has developed a set of suggested guidelines for orchestras to evaluate their community engagement programs. It's designed for any orchestra undertaking community engagement work, as well as for those applying to the MetLife Awards for Excellence in Community Engagement.
  • Developing Community Partnerships
    Thomas V. Chema, executive director of Gateway Economic Development Corporation, identifies the impact an orchestra makes on its community. Includes responses by Nicky B. Carpenter, chairman of The Minnesota Orchestra, and Bud Lindstrand, chairman of the Oregon Symphony.

  • Researchers Design New Ways to Gauge Arts Spillover
    Deborah Viadero describes how a handful of new studies are taking a different, and some say more productive, look at how to capture arts learning's full range of benefits.
  • The Kids Play Great. But That Music . . .
    A humorous description of a parent's experience attending a child's school concerts
  • Three Rs Are Essential, but Don't Forget the A -- the Arts
    Elliot Eisner describes the lessons that the arts teach.